c-LEcta completes development of Antibiotic-free Bacillus Production System

Researchers at c-LEcta successfully developed a Bacillus production system with selection markers free of any antibiotic resistances. With this highly...

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c-LEcta presented its point of view on cell-free synthetic biology at Bio-Based Live America

At the Bio-Based Live conference in San Francisco c-LEcta gave a talk on the importance and prospects of enzyme technologies in the realm of synthetic...

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c-LEcta sponsors the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology (EFIB)

The EFIB offers the opportunity to share recent trends in the biobased economy and to build up networks. c-LEcta supports the meeting as sponsor for...

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c-LEcta achieves technical breakthrough in ingredient development project

c-LEcta has identified and optimized highly beneficial enzyme activities for a multi-enzyme, one-pot reaction in the production of a high-value...

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c-LEcta enzymes allow efficient production of Human Milk Oligosaccharides

Together with its industrial partner, the Danish biotech company Glycom, c-LEcta has developed new  enzymes for the production  of Human Milk...

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c-LEcta presented its expertise in carbohydrate modifying enzymes at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

Parts of c-LEcta’s recent development projects on enzymatic production processes for carbohydrate ingredients were presented at the world’s largest...

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c-LEcta sponsors national Biotech event - Deutsche Biotechnologietage 2016

One of the most important national events for the entire Biotech sector, the “Deutsche Biotechnologietage 2016”, will be supported by c-LEcta as Badge...

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European Patent Grant further strengthens c-LEcta’s core technologies

c-LEcta has broadened the intellectual property position (IP) of its core technology platform with patent grant on its high throughput Cluster...

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Prequalified transaminase platform ready for industrial use

The good performance of transaminases under real industrial conditions is a prerequisite to successfully implement biocatalysis as one of the most...

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