c-LEcta is one of the 20 winners of the 11th European Venture Contest

During the finals of the 11th European Venture contest, 120 companies - of 1200 that had initially applied - had the opportunity to pitch their ideas...

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c-LEcta Pitches at the Finals of the 11th European Venture Forum

December, 11th to 12th, the finals of the 11th European Venture Contest (EVC) will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. Organized by TechTour, the EVC...

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c-LEcta provides innovative solutions to the Sugar and Sweetener Industry

The Sweet Tec Conference organized by the ZDS Solingen and attended by representatives of the world’s leading food companies gave valuable insights in...

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c-LEcta sponsors international Biotech event – The European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology (EFIB)

One of the most important European events for biobased economy, the EFIB 2017, will be supported by c-LEcta as sponsor of the partnering.
The EFIB...

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c-LEcta and Purolite Deepen Their Collaboration on Immobilized CalB Enzyme

After 3 years of successful business, c-LEcta and Purolite Corporation have extended and consolidated their collaboration regarding the development,...

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c-LEcta’s Plug & Play enzymes outperform the competition in Pfizer study

Biocatalysis is an essential tool for the synthesis of complex organic compounds, especially due to their high stereo- and regioselectivity as well as...

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c-LEcta closes successful business year 2016

The industrial biotechnology company c-LEcta is looking back on another successful business year: The financial year 2016 could be closed with a...

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c-LEcta signs Sales and Distribution Agreement with Cosmo Bio for Japan

Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd. (Cosmo Bio), one of Japan’s leading life science suppliers of research reagents and research instruments, and the German...

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c-LEcta’s Enzyme enabled a novel enzyme cascade - the synthesis of biopolymer precursors

The economic synthesis of valuable compounds by multi enzymatic transformations is gaining more and more attention. This is because the combination of...

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c-LEcta Extended its Biodiversity Platform by Genomic Libraries from Marine Sources

To meet the demand of new enzymes for industrial applications c-LEcta has extended its biodiversity platform by Genomic libraries from marine sources....

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c-LEcta starts Marketing & Distribution of DENARASE®

DENARASE® is now directly available at c-LEcta. c-LEcta has taken over the product distribution from Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH by the end of 2016...

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