c-LEcta celebrates its 15th anniversary and is optimistic for the future

c-LEcta, a global biotechnology company with technology leadership in enzyme engineering and bioprocess development for regulated markets such as the...

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Fuel for Innovation: c-LEcta Starts a Collaboration Project with the TU Dresden

The term cell-free synthetic biology describes the non-fermentative production of high value molecules based on multi-enzyme cascades, to be used e.g....

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c-LEcta sponsors the partnering of the 2nd ECP Summit

On the 26th of September, the 2nd ECP summer summit 2019 takes places in Düsseldorf. Organized by BCNP Consultants, the participants can expect a...

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Successful product business in the first half of 2019

c-LEcta’s DENARASE®, which is used for the necessary removal of nucleic acids from biopharmaceutical products, performed particularly well. DENARASE®...

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c-LEcta: Financial figures for 2018 underscore successful transformation into a product company

c-LEcta has successfully developed its business model into an international product company in fiscal year 2018. The focus was on products for...

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c-LEcta develops highly efficient manufacturing process for active cosmetic ingredient

c-LEcta has developed a new and highly efficient manufacturing process for an active ingredient in body care products. c-LEcta’s fermentative...

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c-LEcta announces two long-term industry collaborations

c-LEcta signed two long-term cooperation agreements at the turn of the year with material impact on the company’s future development. Both agreements...

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