5 questions to Tjebbe van der Meer, Head of Product Management

What is your main task at c-LEcta? 

The best description of product management is the strategic market positioning of a product. It is about obvious things like price positioning, the choice of distributors and the right marketing message. Other tasks of product managers are the continuous evaluation of competitors and potential disruptive technologies in order to take corrective actions as early as possible. Last but not least, product managers are also responsible for the development of business plans. This is required to support the decision-making process on investments such as production capacity and sales force expansions. 

What are your plans for this year? 

This year my focus will be on DENARASE. The product is currently showing strong growth rates and it is important to maintain this at a high level or even further improve it. Therefor it is important that we understand the customers and their applications even better.  

What experience do you bring along? 

From 2012 to 2016 I already was the product manager for DENARASE at Sartorius, so I know the product and its applications. During the years in between I was involved in various projects for novel biotech drugs such as cell and gene therapies and especially these groups shows the biggest growth potential for DENARASE. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? / What fascinates you about

Biological processes are relatively complex but often incredibly efficient and we can still learn a lot from nature. By applying biotechnology, we can make processes more efficient and sustainable. On top of that our product DENARASE is used in manufacturing processes of revolutionary, life-saving drugs, which makes the work even more rewarding.   

Why did you choose c-LEcta? 

In the past, I have experienced c-LEcta as a very open and pleasant business partner and therefore I always could imagine working for c-LEcta. Furthermore, enzymes as products are very exciting to me because they have an incredible potential and are used in a very diverse environment.