c-LEcta and Purolite Deepen Their Collaboration on Immobilized CalB Enzyme

After 3 years of successful business, c-LEcta and Purolite Corporation have extended and consolidated their collaboration regarding the development, manufacturing and marketing for high-performance preparations of immobilized enzyme Candida antarctica lipase B (CalB). 

CalB is a versatile biocatalyst for (trans-)esterification and is extensively used for large-scale manufacturing of ingredients for cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical products, as well as food processing.

In 2014 Purolite and c-LEcta introduced under the trade name of CalB immo Plus™ an extremely stable and highly active product into the market. CalB immo Plus™ is obtained by adsorbing the lipase on a hydrophobic carrier and is supplied as spherical beads. Thereby it provides sustainability, process economy, easy separation from reaction mixtures and the ability to be re-used for many reaction cycles

In response to the specific needs of their customers, Purolite and c-LEcta have extended their product range and offering as the first vendor in the world a set of different immobilized CalB preparations for being used in a broad range of different applications, covering hydrolytic reactions as well as extremely low-cost productions. This set is offered as CalB immo KIT and gives process developers the chance to identify the best formulation of immobilized CalB for their particular target application.

If you’d like to learn more about CalB immo PlusTM or CalB immo KIT, please do not hesitate to contact us via CalB@c-lecta.com.