c-LEcta presented its point of view on cell-free synthetic biology at Bio-Based Live America

At the Bio-Based Live conference in San Francisco c-LEcta gave a talk on the importance and prospects of enzyme technologies in the realm of synthetic biology.

Organized by Biobased Worldnews the event was aimed to bring innovations from the lab to the market and thereby supporting the shift to a sustainable bioeconomy. Researchers, investors and business development professionals from the industrial biotechnology sector gave insights to their latest innovations while the great atmosphere contributed to fruitful discussions and intense networking.

In the industrial biotechnology arena nowadays many players focus on the use of fermentation processes to convert feedstocks into valuable products via enzymatic pathways integrated into the metabolism of microorganisms. This is for sure a very powerful approach especially if linked to c-LEcta’s top-class enzyme discovery and engineering technologies. However, from c-LEcta’s perspective, the potential of cell-free biotransformation as alternative to fermentative process is often not recognized. When combining process-oriented enzyme engineering with efficient process development, enzymatic synthesis can be very cost-efficient even if cofactors are required. Enzyme cascades in cell-free synthetic biology processes will therefore significantly contribute to grow the industrial biotech industry.

If you are interested in further information on c-LEcta’s expertise in cell-free synthetic biology, please get in touch via contact@c-LEcta.com.