c-LEcta receives patent on Nitrilases

c-Lecta has been granted a new patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office protecting the company’s nitrilase enzyme platform (US 8,916,364). Nitrilases today are broadly used by the pharmaceutical and chemical industry for synthesis of carboxylic acids from nitriles. Catalyzing the regio- and stereoselective conversion of nitriles at mild reaction conditions, they are often considered a valuable alternative to pure chemical synthesis, in particular for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and drug intermediates. Using its proprietary enzyme engineering platform, c-LEcta has developed new nitrilases with high activity profiles and temperature stability, offering improved process stability and cost efficiency in industrial applications. Variants from c-LEcta’s nitrilase enzyme platform are offered for laboratory scale testing as tailored enzyme kits (www.c-LEcta.com/TEK), considering customer’s process and selectivity requirements. With established enzyme expression systems and scale-up and production facilities at hand, c-LEcta can offer technical validation quantities of primary hit variants, and is an ideal long-term partner for further enzyme engineering, industrial scale production set-up, and enzyme supply.