c-LEcta sponsors the partnering of the 2nd ECP Summit

On the 26th of September, the 2nd ECP summer summit 2019 takes places in Düsseldorf. Organized by BCNP Consultants, the participants can expect a great event with partnering hours, company pitches, key notes and an overall pleasant networking atmosphere.

Despite – or even because of - the motto “Chemistry makes the world go around”, c-LEcta as biotechnology company is excited to sponsor the partnering. Both fields are interdependent and create synergies that accelerate innovation: while chemists develop novel compounds as solutions for many challenges of today, biotechnology enables sophisticated syntheses of highly complex molecules in industrial scale.

Inspired by the advantages of both disciplines, extremely high space-time-yields in isolated chemical reactions and the possibility to produce hardly accessible and complex compounds via biosynthetic approaches, c-LEcta has become a pioneer in developing cell-free multi enzymes cascades for the economic production of high value biotech products in industrial scale. With several products that are currently on their way to global commercialization c-LEcta has proven that it is possible to close the gap between “simple” biocatalysis and fermentative approaches resulting in completely new market prospects.

Sustainable business requires synergies and collaborations as well as funding for innovative ideas and thus, we are looking forward to participating at the 2nd ECP Summer Summit!