c-LEcta upgrades its pilot plant facility

With the installation of a new ultrafiltration unit c-LEcta has further expanded its pilot plant production facility to make it even more efficient. Among other things, the installation serves to concentrate enzyme solutions, i.e. to prepare them by means of a powerful filter in such a way that they are more concentrated on the one hand and on the other hand in a buffer solution that is optimized and defined for the respective enzyme application.

With the new ultrafiltration device, a process is now being automated that previously had to be carried out manually. Due to the new ultrafiltration plant c-LEcta now has three times more filter area than before. It has a significantly higher throughput. In addition, the automated process runs much faster and helps to reduce night shifts. The new ultrafiltration unit uses the same filter modules as those used by external production partners. This significantly reduces the process risk during the technology transfer of these process steps.