c-LEcta’s product portfolio is being refined

c-LEcta GmbH could complete another financing round among their partners. Participating partners are the "High-Tech Gründerfonds" ("www.high-tech-gruenderfonds.de"), the "Sächsische Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH" (SBG) and the "Warning Beteiligungs GmbH". c-LEcta’s product portfolio is being refined and expanded with the help of the closed financing round. Furthermore the company’s production capacity will be further extended. At the beginning of this year a technical pilot plant for the development and production of enzymes could be started. From the perspective of the seedinvestor "High-Tech Gründerfonds" c-LEcta has fulfilled all milestones of the initial financing and has effectively implemented its business model within this process, comments the portfolio manager of the '"High-Tech Gründerfonds", Marco Winzer. "Deciding factors for our further investment were the projects with well-known customers for the development of products in which we see a long lasting potential of success." adds Mr. Winzer.