Corona-Update - Our Measures against corona

Dear followers, customers, partners and friends! The Corona-Virus is on the top of all our minds. With this update we want to give you a short update on the situation at c-LEcta. We are actively monitoring and managing the situation. On behalf of the health of our employees we took internal measures towards hygiene procedures, strictly restricted business travels and visitor receptions. Further we enable our employees to do Home-Office, wherever that is possible. c-LEcta is fully operational up to now and we are doing the best we can so that this will not change. German authorities are taking strong actions to slow down a further spreading of the virus which we fully support. Over the last months we have build significant stocks, especially for our pharma products, whereas our production plans are in full execution and not affected up to now. We therefore are confident that we will continuously be able to deliver our products to our customers especially in the drug and vaccine development field. Please get in touch in case you have any questions!

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