Market launch of DENARASE ELISA Kit

With the new product DENARASE ELISA Kit c-LEcta provides a suitable complement to its product DENARASE, an enzyme used in the production of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. With the new test system the concentration of DENARASE in biological samples can be determined with highest accuracy. The kit is used for the analytical monitoring of biotechnological production processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

So far, the ELISA Kit has only been made available to selected customers and has been successfully tested by them. From now on the product is available to a wider circle of users. The test system developed by c-LEcta shows a higher sensitivity and selectivity compared to other products. With the launch of the DENARASE ELISA Kit c-LEcta further expands its offer for the pharmaceutical industry and adds another member to the DENARASE product family.

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