Prequalified transaminase platform ready for industrial use

The good performance of transaminases under real industrial conditions is a prerequisite to successfully implement biocatalysis as one of the most practical approaches for the synthesis of chiral amines in industry.  Prof. John Woodley, a world-class expert in the field of enzymatic process engineering for the synthesis of valuable chemicals, comments on the long term collaboration with c-LEcta: “The enzymes have not only worked well but we also experienced first-class technical support and a willingness to modify the enzyme based on our needs ... We have been delighted to collaborate with c-LEcta which has led to new process concepts and an alternative route to chiral amine synthesis for selected molecules.”

Such great collaborations, where needs in industry are specifically addressed, account for the development of one of c-LEcta’s platforms comprising R- and S-selective prequalified ATAs. These enzymes show efficient performance under real industrial conditions like high substrate and isopropylamine concentrations, for instance. As part of the c-LEcta Plug & Play Biocats™ collection these ATAs enable easy implementation of biocatalysts in industrial processes. 

c-LEcta is looking forward to expand its successful collaborations in 2016 to further leaverage biotechnology in industry

The development of c-LEcta Plug & Play Biocats™ has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No 674200.