Contract Manufacturing

c-LEcta is an established and reliable contract manufacturing partner for biotech industrial products. Our proprietary bioprocess platforms allow the efficient development and scale-up of production processes as well as their rapid implementation in large industrial scale (up to 100 m3). Large-scale production is realized through our established network of production partners which includes manufacturing services under GMP. We operate an ISO 9001-certified, state-of-the-art pilot scale facility to routinely supply enzymes or other biotechnological products and to bring bioprocesses to the required scales up to full commercialization. Our service also comprises handling of IP issues, quality management, regulatory support, product registration and professional distribution and logistics.

Products can be manufactured and supplied to the industry as food-grade material complying with HACCP-based principles and with JECFA and FCC recommended specifications for food-grade enzymes. All products are manufactured without the use of antibiotics or materials from animal origin.