CalB immo Plus

Due to its high regio-, chemo- and enantioselectivity, lipase B from Candida antarctica (CalB) has proven an exceptional catalyst for production of drug substances as well as ingredients for personal care and food applications (e.g. special wax esters, structured triglycerides, enrichment of polyunsaturated fatty acids). Remarkably, CalB can even be applied in various organic solvents and in solvent-free reaction systems. The enzyme is one of the world’s best known biocatalysts, routinely used in numerous industrial processes. Overall, CalB features

  • a broad substrate scope
  • an excellent regio- and stereoselectivity
  • a high stability under process conditions
  • a high efficiency in esterification

Immobilized CalB products are widely established in industry, and provide sustainability, process economy, easy separation from reaction mixtures and the ability to be re-used for many reaction cycles. Many immobilized CalB preparations have been commercialized over the past decades. However, some of them show good initial enzyme activity but suffer limitations in industrial applications due to their mechanical weakness.

CalB Immo Plus, a high-performance and highly hydrophobic immobilized CalB preparation, has been developed through a joint development and manufacturing collaboration between c-LEcta GmbH and Purolite Corporation, one of the world’s leading polymer specialists, to overcome these hurdles.

Alignment of both companies strengths allowed the combination of our extraordinary CalB (produced in c-LEcta proprietary production systems) with Purolite’s excellent polymeric support to deliver CalB Immo Plus as an outstanding catalyst for synthetic challenges. The highly robust support makes CalB immo Plus useful not only for column reactors, but also for use in stirred tank reactors under strong mechanical stress.

c-LEcta offers CalB immo Plus in bulk quantities with animal-free statement (TSE/BSE-free certificate) in both technical and food-grade quality.

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