c-LEcta Plug & Play Biocats™

Out of c-LEcta's broad enzyme collection we offer our Customized Enzyme c-LEctions (CEC) individually assorted according to your request. Within this pool of industrially relevant and prequalified enzymes, c-LEcta Plug & Play Biocats™ form a specific group of biocatalysts that have been developed by extensive biodiversity screenings and enzyme engineering considering the real needs in industry. Hence, these enzymes are perfectly suited for the synthesis development of organic molecules and its subsequent industrial scale up. Several of c-LEcta's Plug & Play Biocats™ enzymes have proven successful and are used in commercial scale in industrial production processes.


Unlike conventional screening Kits, our sets of enzymes are compiled according to your specific needs. Please use the following inquiry form or contact us via plugNplay@c-LEcta.com to find out what c-LEcta Plug & Play Biocats™ can do for your synthesis demands.

The development of c-LEcta Plug & Play Biocats™ has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No 674200.

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