In many industrial applications the efficient removal of nucleic acids from biotechnological products is crucial. In the food and cosmetics markets the removal of residual host DNA is a strong regulatory demand. In fermentation processes, the release of nucleic acids during downstream processing causes very high viscosities which are difficult to handle.

c-LEcta’s NuCLEANase, the first cost-efficient tech-grade endonuclease for industrial applications, provides the solution to these challenging problems.

Advantages using NuCLEANase:

Reduction of viscosity during fermentation with beneficial effects e.g. on oxygen transfer, cell viability and energy dissipation

Facilitated downstream processing (lower viscosity and less fouling of equipment) 

Improved product quality and ensured regulatory compliance

c-LEcta owns a breakthrough, patent-protected technology for the efficient production of the enzyme in a GRAS Bacillus sp. strain. The product is formulated as a stable liquid solution and available in bulk quantities.