From start-up to grown-up

c-LEcta is celebrating 20 years!

In 2004, it all started with a promising, patented technology to screen enzymes. The technology made it much easier to identify natural enzymes, and then specifically modify them for usage in industrial applications. It was developed in a research project at the University of Leipzig with the participation of our company founder Marc Struhalla. 


Development in many ways!

Growing from 10 to 120 employees
Establishing a globally leading technology platform for enzyme development
Evolving from a R&D service provider into an international enzyme supplier
Since 2022: Part of the  Kerry Group.

20 for 20 - What does c-LEcta mean to you?

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We open our treasure chest

Where our enzymes come from

In our enzyme engineering technology, everything starts with identifying the right enzyme. Nature offers an almost inexhaustible source for identifying new enzymes. In one gram of soil there can be billions of bacteria, thousands of different microorganisms, all of which have very different properties.


Moving forward


2025: Opening our new headquarters 

In September 2021, we took the first step in making our new headquarters a reality by signing the leasing agree­ment with OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH, which is building a new biotechnology campus under the name of BioSquare on the old Leipzig trade fair grounds. c-LEcta will occupy an entire building section amounting to 10,500 square meters.

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