Innovation strategy

Our systematic innovation approach identifies exciting and promising process and product opportunities for our technologies with highly attractive market potentials. At the same time, we are constantly working to advance our proprietary technologies to strengthen the basis for our innovation power.

Our Focus

The identification and assessment of ideas for novel product developments is a pivotal element of our business model. New concepts fuel our pipelines for both in-house product developments and those realized in exclusive partnerships with industry. c-LEcta focuses on ideas well matched to our technological strengths and offering attractive market potentials.

Innovation made by c-LEcta comes along with a high value proposition and is secured by a strong patent portfolio.

Our strengths

With a simpler structure than big industry, a smaller company like c-LEcta has the chance to be a true innovation driver. Our flat hierarchy and shorter communication lines allow the easy and effective combination of crucial core competencies: with a highly qualified team covering modern science, market intelligence and regulatory know-how, we truly are more innovative compared to others. Consequently, our pipeline is well filled with ideas for new product developments of which some already are part of ongoing programs, whereas others are on the way to be discussed with potential industry partners.

If you are interested to discuss about opportunities how to bundle up /synergize our innovation efforts with yours, please feel free to contact us
(Contact person: Dr. Andreas Buthe;