We ensure smooth business and administrative operations as an organizational and management team.


What does Team Finance do?

  • Financial planning
  • Accounting / annual reports 
  • Financial administration of projects
  • Treasury
  • Controlling, internal and external reporting 

What does Team Logistics do?

  • Shipping of all products
  • Customs
  • Logistics planning
  • Order processing

What does Team Human Resources do?

  • Reception, back office administration and travel planning
  • Recruiting of new employees and applicant tracking
  • Support for on- and offboarding
  • Personnel development
  • Payroll accounting
  • Personnel management, clarification of employment contract issues
  • Continued education / training concepts
  • Administration of personnel files

What does Team IT do?

  • Provision and management of the entire IT infrastructure
  • Hardware and software administration
  • Continued development of Web Tools, our internal ERP system
  • Implementation of digitalization projects
  • Management of data security
  • Support for telephone system and mobile phone contracts
  • IT license management

What does Team Communications do?

  • Public relations and financial communication
  • Internal communication
  • Management of social media channels
  • Website support and development
  • Creation and production of printed materials, advertising materials
  • Continued development of the corporate design

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