For enzymatic acrylamide reduction in soluble coffee and coffee extracts

Acrylerase® is a food-grade amidase specifically developed for highly efficient acrylamide degradation (up to 90 %) under conditions typical for coffee and coffee surrogate extracts.

Acrylerase® provides a flexible, easy-to-use and efficient solution for acrylamide reduction in:

  • soluble coffee
  • coffee concentrates
  • coffee surrogates

Areas of application

c-LEcta_ICON_Acrylamid_Tasse__RGBAcrylamide is a process contaminant formed during manufacturing of soluble coffee, coffee extracts and coffee surrogates. Since acrylamide in food potentially increases the risk of cancer for consumers, limiting human exposure and mitigating this contaminant is a high priority issue in several regulatory acts allover the world.


Acrylerase® allows to control acrylamide levels more efficiently than current mitigation measures such as other enzymatic solutions, changing of roasting parameters, reduction of yield or green coffee selection.

  • Drop-in solution which can be easily implemented in existing manufacturing processes
  • Highly efficient reduction of Acrylamide by direct decomposition
  • Replacement of other costly mitigation measures such as reduction of yield
  • Access to a wider range of green coffee beans in an increasingly tight market
  • Regulatory compliance and brand protection 

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Support of Technical Implementation

With their laboratory and pilot facilities, our partner ANKA can support you with your specific application needs, and during industrial implementation.
If you are interested in our product, please refer to the Acrylerase® Application Note which is available on demand and contains more details about:

  • General application data for instant coffee and coffee surrogate production processes
  • Operating conditions
  • Support / Recommendations for acrylamide analytics 

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Acrylerase® was jointly developed and is co-marketed with ANKA. Acrylerase® is a registered trademark of c-LEcta GmbH in the European Union (EU), UK and China (CN).


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