Why c-LEcta?

As an international supplier, c-LEcta supplies more than 400 clients in more than 40 countries with high-quality products manufactured using biotechnology. As such, we successfully meet the most demanding quality requirements of our customers from the pharmaceutical and food industries over the entire product life cycle.


Production plant


We use our pilot scale production plant to manufacture our own products as well as to scale up processes intended for transfer to external production sites.

Quality management


c-LEcta's aspiration is to have contented and successful custo­mers who trust our services and pro­ducts one hundred percent. Our quality management system is certified according to the inter­natio­nally recognized DIN EN ISO 9001,  EXCiPACT and ANSI NSF 363 standards for good manufacturing processes (GMPs) for pharma­ceu­tical excipients.

Regulatory compliance


We create and maintain a high-quality authorization dossier in the European Union, the USA, and other regions to guarantee that we can reliably supply products that fully meet the requirements of the target markets.

Worldwide availability and distribution

We serve global supply chains and work together with specialized service providers and distributors throughout the world who share our high quality standards.


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