Excellent performance at elevated salt concentrations and process-relevant pH

DENARASE® High Salt is an engineered version of the wild-type Serratia marcescens endonuclease, which is commonly used for DNA removal applications in bioprocessing. It has been especially designed to retain activity at higher salt concentrations and a broader pH spectrum. These features make DENARASE® High Salt the optimal solution for nucleic acid removal in all biomanufacturing processes that benefit from higher salt conditions.

Main areas of application

  • Viral Vectors for Cell and Gene Therapies
  • Viral Vaccines
  • Oncolytic Viruses
  • Viscosity Reduction in Lysates
  • Sample Preparation in Electrophoresis and Chromotography

Working principle

DENARASE® High Salt was developed with c-LEcta’s proprietary enzyme technology platform ENESYZ®. A combination of amino acid substitutions of the standard DENARASE® provides the enzyme with an increased salt tolerance, without losing its specificity for nucleic acids. DENARASE® High Salt efficiently cleaves all forms of DNA and RNA into smaller nucleotides at diverse salt and pH conditions.

Your benefits

DENARASE® High Salt efficiently removes any undesired genetic material in viral vector and vaccine processes at elevated salt and various pH levels.
By eliminating the need for buffer adjustments, it allows for maximal flexibility in process design and economical processing across the spectrum of commonly applied salt and pH conditions. Due to the great similarity with the standard DENARASE®, the existing DENARASE® ELISA kit for detection of Serratia marcescens endonucleases can be used to monitor residual DENARASE® High Salt.

  • Designed for improved salt & pH tolerance

  • For highest process flexibility & efficiency

  • Compatible with DENARASE® ELISA Kit

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DENARASE® is a registered trademark of c-LEcta GmbH in the European Union (EU), United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), China (CN), India (IN), South-Korea (KR) and Japan (JP).