Skills and Services

Successfully converting ideas into products requires extensive experience along the entire value chain. We drive our projects with outstanding performance in the fields of technology, production, distribution, and regulatory compliance. Our regulatory expertise also helps us support our customers with product registration and authorization.


Unique Technology


Our ENESYZ enzyme-engineering platform has proven its high ope­ra­tional performance in over 50 enzyme development projects over the past 18 years.

GMP production


All products are developed, produced, and marketed in accordance with our quality management system. One of our enzyme products is produced as a GMP product according to the EU’s GMP requirements for bio­phar­ma­ceu­tical industry customers.



The long path from inception to final product is fraught with challenges. You can learn more about how we over­come them here.

Why c-LEcta?

c-LEcta_ICON_sheet-certificateMore than 400 clients throughout the world rely on us as a dependable supplier of biotechnologically manufactured products that meet the most demanding quality standards.