Research & Development

The R&D team leverages its deep expertise and extensive experience together with c-LEcta's unique technology platform ENESYZ to identify, optimize and manufacture efficient enzymes for new innovative products.


Enzyme Engineering

  • Development of new enzymes with superior properties (activity, stability, selectivity) using biodiversity and bioinformatics guided directed evolution
  • Screening of enzyme libraries towards different parameters under process-like conditions

Strain & Process Development

  • Development and optimization of microbial strains and enzyme production processes
  • Development and optimization of expression platforms
  • Assay development
  • Process development: Scaling of bioprocesses from the laboratory environment to industrial-scale production


  • Identification of enzymatic activities for the development of new enzymes optimally adapted to the process
  • Construction of genomic and metagenomic expression libraries
  • Sequencing of genomes and metagenomes using NSG technologies
  • Activity-based screenings of expression libraries
  • Sequence-based screenings of expression libraries, sequenced genomes and metagenomes and databases (in vitro and in silico)


  • Statistical analysis, evaluation and management of laboratory and sequence data
  • Structure and sequence analysis of enzymes
  • Custom-built tools for supporting the planning and execution of experiments
  • Analysis of all available information about an enzyme to predict improved variants (MDM platform)
  • Machine learning for drawing links between the sequence and function of enzymes

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