Business Development, Sales and Marketing

In these departments, everything revolves around the commercialization of our product developments: starting with the identification of product opportunities, followed by the implementation of market introduction projects, finding the right target markets and acquiring development partners and customers. 


What does Team Business Development do?

  • Innovation management, market and trend analysis for identifying product ideas
  • Exploring solutions for the use of biotech in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Contacting and negotiating with potential industry partners
  • Networking
  • Creation of business cases
  • Supporting product introductions

What does Team Product Sales do?

  • Identification of potential customers
  • Product sales
  • Building of customer relationships and customer management
  • Building and maintaining a network of distributors
  • Active product marketing at trade fairs

What does Team Marketing do?

  • Positioning of our products on the market
  • Digital and classical product marketing
  • Product management
  • Networking with customers
  • Technical support and application studies for our products

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