An innovative functional sugar for more easily digestible food

Cellobiose occurs naturally as a basic component of cellulose, a substance produced by plants. As a so-called functional sugar, cellobiose has a number of interesting properties that make it suitable for use in foods.

Cellobiose is produced from beet sugar (sucrose) with the help of enzymes in an enzyme cascade. To run this process efficiently, c-LEcta developed the corresponding enzymes exclusively for Pfeifer & Langen / SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH by means of targeted engineering. 


As exclusive enzyme producer, c-LEcta is responsible for approval of the enzymes, while SAVANNA Ingredient will register Cellobiose as a novel food and market it.

Functional principle

  • Prebiotic effect, proven digestibility, calorie-reduced
  • Improves the texture and flavor profile of foods
  • Flavor-neutral (only 20% of the sweetness of sucrose), making it well suited for rounding out sweetness profiles
  • Cellobiose is similar to lactose but has fewer calories and is more easily digestible

Areas of application

Cellobiose can be used in a variety of food applications, such as beverages, meat, and baked goods.

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