Regulatory/Intellectual Property

These teams focus on strengthening c-LEcta’s market position by means of sound contracts and intellectual property rights, as well as on the registration and approval of c-LEcta products with the relevant regulatory authorities.

What does Team Legal, IP & Licensing do?

  • Management and development of c-LEcta’s trademark & patent portfolio (e.g. handling inventions and patent & trademarks submissions and registrations internationally)
  • Creating IP developing strategies, Patent Monitoring
  • Contract drafting and negotiation with c-LEcta partners (e.g. customers, service providers, suppliers) in coordination with participating c-LEcta divisions
  • Contract monitoring, controlling, and disputes

What does Team Regulatory Affairs do?

  • Evaluation of the regulatory situation for new product ideas
  • Development and execution of regulatory strategies
  • Coordination and execution of approvals and registrations with international authorities
  • Collaboration with customers and internal stakeholders (BD/Sales/Quality) on regulatory issues
  • Monitoring of international regulatory developments and trends in the different application areas
  • Active participation in national and international industry associations

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