Market focus

Biotechnology is a cross-sectional technology which finds numerous applications in almost any industry, with a total market size for biotech products amounting to several hundred billion Euros per year. In order to leverage the potential of c-LEcta’s unique technologies we follow a partnership approach. We work in close cooperation with the industry on specific product developments, usually in clearly defined exclusive fields. Examples of such partnerships are:

  • Biocatalytic production of prebiotics for food applications
  • Development of detergent enzymes for specific stains
  • Biocatalytic production of chemical drugs and drug intermediates
  • Fermentative production of an organic acid for the bioplastic market
  • Development of enzymes for feed applications
  • Biocatalytic production of a disaccharide as food ingredient
  • Development of microbial strains to produce a flavor
  • Development of biocatalysts for diagnostic uses
  • Microbial strain development to produce ingredients
  • Development of novel enzyme activities for strain engineering projects
    to build artificial pathways for renewable chemicals


With our in-house, internally funded product developments we strongly focus on applications in regulated markets like pharma and food. We have successfully commercialized several internal product developments in the past and are currently working on exciting new product opportunities.