About us

c-LEcta is a globally active biotechnology company specialized in the development, production, and distribution of enzyme products for all areas of human health and applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The Leipzig-based company uses its proprietary enzyme technology platform ENESYZ® to develop innovative products both independently and in close cooperation with industry partners. c-LEcta currently has over 120 employees at the company headquarters in Leipzig.

Our Products


Our products address regulated markets such as pharmaceutical and food industry.

Our Technology


Our enzyme engineering platform ENESYZ has proven its high performance in over 50 enzyme development projects.

Our Management


On behalf of all our employees, we would like to introduce our management team.

Why with c-LEcta?

Successfully turning ideas into products requires many competencies along the value chain. With excellence in technology, production, distribution and regulation, we drive both our own product developments and customer projects.

Unique Technology

Enzymes are natural biocatalysts that can be used to control chemical reactions. They occur in nature in great diversity and can be found all over the living world. Improving the enzymes in specific ways allows them to be efficiently used in a wide range of industrial processes, such as in the production of food or pharmaceuticals. New enzyme products are developed at c-LEcta using the company's unique technology platform, ENESYZ. The heart of the platform is a proprietary bioinformatics-based technology for efficient and targeted engineering of enzymes. c-LEcta makes use of a large collection of more than 5,000 preselected microbial strains and millions of genes in “ready to screen” metagenomic libraries to identify the appropriate starting enzymes. The company is also in possession of multiple highly efficient microbial production systems for the production of enzymes at industrial scale.

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Our Quality Management

Our quality management is certified according to the internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO 9001 as well as EXCiPACT and ANSI NSF 363 for good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical excipients. c-LEcta is also registered as a German food company and is subject to regular hygiene monitoring by the food inspection authority. In addition, c-LEcta’s qualified production partners possess additional internationally recognized quality management systems, such as in the food and pharma industries.

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Regulatory Know-how

In the complex and changing landscape of regulated markets, c-LEcta is a competent and reliable partner. We have extensive hands-on experience with the preparation and submission of regulatory dossiers for different product classes and jurisdictions (EFSA, FDA, ECHA, etc.). From early development phases through new launches or later commercial stages, we support our customers to enable a straightforward market entry and continued compliance for their products.

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High Quality Biotech Products

The enzyme products from c-LEcta are used in many different fields, with a focus on the food and pharma industries. For example, they enable the production of active pharmaceutical substances and vaccines or can be used in the production of foods and food additives such as prebiotics or natural sweeteners. Most of the enzymes developed by c-LEcta are produced by the company itself and distributed throughout the world; a few of the enzymes developed by c-LEcta are utilized by industry partners. Numerous innovation projects have been successfully brought to market, and many new development projects are currently under way.

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