c-LEcta expands collaboration with specialty medical logistics provider World Courier

c-LEcta, a global biotechnology company with technology leadership in enzyme engineering and bioprocess development has started working with World Courier, an AmerisourceBergen company. With a presence in 50+ countries, World Courier is driven by a commitment to excellence, and provides customized solutions with global reach to increase access to care; making them a highly trusted specialty logistics company for c-LEcta’s customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The cooperation focuses on the transport of time-critical and temperature-sensitive products. Transport is carried out in specialized packaging that allows for a secure cold chain and continuous temperature tracking of the valuable enzymes. “The cooperation with World Courier is the right step to further strengthen and expand our logistics chain, particularly in view of our sensitive and valuable products. We not only minimize the risk of transport damages and delays but also enable our customers to check the transport conditions without any gaps. This means we meet even the highest demands of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry with regard to quality and reliability of deliveries,” explains Carsten Fietz, Head of Finance & Administration at c-LEcta. Many audits by renowned international customers from the pharmaceutical industry, all of which have been successfully completed, confirm the importance of a high-quality supply chain.

World Courier specializes in the transport of time and temperature sensitive products for the biopharmaceutical industry, such as the DENARASE product family, for c-LEcta. These products are primarily used in the field of gene and cell therapy, but are also put to use in the production of vaccines. In the general context of the COVID-19 crisis, c-LEcta has seen a significant increase in shipments. “Especially in this difficult time for all of us, the relationship has proven to be very successful and stable. World Courier was able to maintain the international cold chains that are very important for us at all times. Thus, even during the Coronavirus crisis, we were able to deliver our products to our customers worldwide on time,” said Carsten Fietz.

World Courier’s strengths in full-service handling are particularly evident in temperature-controlled deliveries over longer distances and thus over extended periods of time. The collaboration currently focuses on the North American and Asian regions.

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