Customized Enzyme c-LEctions

Within the last 15 years c-LEcta has built up a large and still steadily growing collection of hundreds of enzymes which we offer to our customers as Customized Enzyme c-LEctions (CEC) for application testing. Remarkably, c-LEcta’s collection comprises not only exceptional wildtype enzymes from our biodiversity libraries, but also unique enzymes that have been engineered for optimized performance in common, but still challenging industrial syntheses. Our enzyme collection consists of a large number of:

        ❊       alcohol dehydrogenases (ADHs)

        ❊       (R)/(S)-selective transaminases (ATAs)

        ❊       nitrilases (NIT)

        ❊       esterases

        ❊       lipases

        ❊       P450s

        ❊       and other activities

With our Customized Enzyme c-LEctions you benefit from a pool of industrially relevant and so far unavailable enzymes that are individually assorted upon request according to your specific needs. The pool of our prequalified enzymes also covers a significant number of biocatalysts already broadly characterized and for which production protocols as well as application in preparative syntheses have already been established. We call these enzymes c-LEcta's Plug & Play Biocats™, currently comprising alcohol dehydrogenases, transaminases, nitrilases. These enzymes come with a guarantee for the supply of commercial quantities in short term. Developed with the pharmaceutical industry in mind (but not limited to it), the concept behind c-LEcta's Plug & Play Biocats™ provides a solution for difficult or so far impossible syntheses. At the same time, multi-step syntheses are shortened and the purification of reaction products is facilitated by the selectivity of enzymes, all of which positively impacts commercial production. Several of our Plug & Play Biocats™ are already used in large commercial scale to produce tons of intermediates and APIs.

If you are interested in accelerating the development of enzymatic syntheses with c-LEcta's Plug & Play Biocats™ or testing a set of other unique enzymes, your Customized Enzyme c-LEction will be compiled under consideration of your specific needs. Please use the inquiry form for a specific offer.

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The development of c-LEcta Plug & Play Biocats™ has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No 674200.

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