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DENARASE is a genetically engineered endonuclease from Serratia marcescens being able to cleave all forms of DNA and RNA very efficiently. It is commonly used in biotechnology for the quantitative removal of nucleic acids and for viscosity reduction. In the pharmaceutical industry, the endonuclease is often used to remove excess of nucleic acids in production processes of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

c-LEcta has developed a patent-protected production technology for this enzyme based on the recombinant expression in a Bacillus sp. production host. The production process combines high product yields with the advantages of an endotoxin-free production strain. DENARASE has a purity of ≥ 99 % and is manufactured in full compliance with cGMP requirements using only raw materials of non-animal origin and without the use of antibiotics.

ProductArticle NumberSizePurityActivityPrice
DENARASE, 1 MU 20804-1M1 MU 
(1.000.000 Units)
≥ 99%> 250 U/µlon request
DENARASE, 5 MU20804-5M5 MU 
(5.000.000 Units)
≥ 99%> 250 U/µlon request
DENARASE, 100 kU 20804-100k100 kU 
(100.000 Units)
≥ 99%> 250 U/µlon request
DENARASE, 500 kU20804-500k500 kU 
(500.000 Units)
≥ 99%> 250 U/µlon request


The products DENARASE, 1 MU and DENARASE, 5 MU (Article Number: 20804-1M, 20804-5M) are for routine applications (produced and filled under cGMP).

The products DENARASE, 100 kU and DENARASE, 500 kU (Article Number: 20804-100k, 20804-500k) can be used for laboratory test applications (produced under cGMP and filled under ISO 9001).



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