c-LEcta takes on new industrial partner and successfully continues its development into a product company

c-LEcta takes on new industrial partner and successfully continues its development into a product company

c-LEcta is entering into a development partnership with the MDax-listed company Symrise. Founded in 2003, Symrise AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fragrances and flavors.

The development of an enzymatic process for the production of a flavoring agent is the focus of the collaboration. c-LEcta thus strengthens its role as a partner to the food industry. “Such collaborations with the goal of jointly developing and marketing new products are an important part of our corporate strategy. They enable us to evolve future business and thus make an important contribution to our growth. We are very pleased about the new cooperation with Symrise,” commented Dr. Marc Struhalla, CEO and co-founder of c-LEcta. The company is currently engaged in seven active development collaborations with industry. “This shows that c -LEcta is a sought-after partner of industry when it comes to expertise and efficiency in the development of new biotechnological processes,” Struhalla added.

The second pillar of growth are proprietary product developments. c-LEcta develops and markets two categories of biotechnological products: industrial enzymes and biotechnologically produced ingredients. c-LEcta’s enzyme products are used as process auxiliaries in industrial production. The goal, for example, is to make production processes more efficient, or to make them possible in the first place. Thus, products can be improved and resources saved.

The Ingredients products are low-molecular compounds, which are very often of natural origin. They are used as components or additives in industrially manufactured products. With the help of c-LEcta’s patented bioinformatics platform, such ingredients can be produced particularly efficiently and purely. By adding the ingredients, high-quality products of the food and pharmaceutical industry can be produced at lower costs.
This year, at least two further product launches are planned to expand the portfolio for the target markets food and pharmaceutical industries.

"Our well-filled product pipeline, the diverse applications of our products and worldwide sales markets offer good prospects for long-term growth. The two pillars of our strategy, partnerships and own products, complement each other, so that we can optimally exploit and further develop our innovative technology platform,” emphasizes Thomas Pfaadt, CFO of c-LEcta.