About c-LEcta

c-LEcta is a global biotechnology company specializing in the development, production and distribution of enzyme products. The company uses world-class enzyme engineering and production technologies to provide its partners in the food and pharmaceutical industries with superior biotechnological solutions for innovative industrial applications.


New sizes of R&D-grade DENARASE® available

c-LEcta has just launched additional sizes of DENARASE® for research and development use. Being widely applied in biopharmaceutical R&D and.
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Record in global shipment

This year we sent 690 shipments to our customers worldwide: 29 countries on 6 continents. Our product DENARASE® covered the longest distance: 16.000.
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Food General

Products for Food

For healthier and more sustainably produced food

Our enzyme products for the food industry are used for the enzymatic pro­duction of food ingre­dients and additives or as process aids in the production of foods and beverages. Our goal: safe and cost-effective food production to improve human health.


Products for Pharma

Modern biotech is a powerful driver of innovation in the pharma industry

Our products for the phar­ma­ceutical industry cover a wide range of applications. Our enzymes make a valued contribution to the pro­duc­tion of new forms of therapy, such as gene and cell therapy, as well as the synthesis of APIs.


Other Products

Enzymatic solutions for optimized manufacturing processes

Our enzyme products are capable of replacing complex chemical processes with natural biocatalysis, for example.

Unique technology platform

c-LEcta uses its proprietary technology platform ENESYZ to develop customized enzymes and microbial production strains that meet the requirements of a wide range of manufacturing processes in industry. It has been continuously improved since its foundation in 2004 and has repeatedly proven its efficiency. 


Why with c-LEcta?


For more than 400 customers worldwide, we are a reliable supplier of biotechnologically manufactured products that meet the highest quality requirements.

Job offers


Looking for a new challenge in Biotech? Get to know our de­part­ments and working conditions and find your new job at c-LEcta!

Corporate Mission


We are a highly respectful, diverse community driven primarily by a passion for innovation. Our guiding principles lay out our ambitions in the fields that are closest to our heart.



Our team consists of over 120 employees. Here we introduce our management team on behalf of our entire staff.